Born in Berkeley CA., I mostly grew up in Seattle WA. I currently reside in New York City, where I've been since the year 2000.

Architecture, urbanism and environment are my passions, I strive for tactile results and thrive in either a collaborative or solo atmosphere. A nuanced understanding of the urban condition today and historically is vital and always informs my approach to problem solving. Each city is different, but many good cities share the same underlying principles. How can we maintain the character and individuality of cities (and thus structures) while simultaneously bringing them into the 21st century? I believe the answers are rooted in sustainability, community and good design. Within those realms are a wealth of resources that can help us as designers to create not just best practice, but innovative practice.

-Rose Bothomley

“My dream is the imagination of space - to change the optical impression of the world of objects by a transcendental arithmetic progression of the inner being.” -Max Beckman